How To Find Affordable Online Marketing Services

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Building a business is seldom a linear process. From building infrastructure, creating a product or service, to hiring team members to deliver your products - things can get hectic. At some juncture, most businesses hire a marketing agency to help improve their visibility online and increase their overall brand awareness.

If your business is selling a product online, affordable online marketing becomes even more important in driving revenue growth. The biggest issue is vetting or finding an affordable online marketing agency with the knowledge and transparency to champion your business. The question then becomes, “how do I find a reliable and affordable online marketing agency”.

While the task at first appears daunting (and without the proper knowledge it can be), Vade Mecum Marketing has put together a comprehensive list of ways to find affordable online marketing.

Finding Affordable Online Marketing without Sacrificing Quality

Step 1: Identify where your target market audience will likely be
Most starting businesses cast their net too wide. They’re attempting to cover every social media platform and search engine right away. While a multi-faceted marketing approach is undoubtedly effective, you need to learn to crawl before you sprint. At this point, you should put on your customer hat and think of where your customers are most likely to search for your product or service. Typically, Google is the common denominator for all businesses as it is the largest search engine in the world.

Step 2: Get Googlin’!
Do a quick search for affordable online marketing near you, but don’t fall for the Google Search Results. You’re likely inclined to type into your Google, Bing, or Yahoo search bar the following phrases, “affordable ppc services”, “affordable SEO services”, or “affordable online marketing”. While this is a great place to start, this doesn’t mean you’ll find the best agency given your situation.

If different agencies are showing up on the first page of Google after you typed in your query, this just means that they rank organically for the search term (or they paid for an ad to be displayed). This does not indicate that they are capable of anything other than ranking for a keyword term.

While this is important (especially if you’re looking for affordable SEO services), this doesn’t automatically mean they’re right for you. Bigger digital marketing agencies have a tendency to up-charge smaller businesses because they lack the knowledge on what they actually need. Odds are if you’re just starting out with online marketing, you don’t need an absurd retainer.

Step 3: Get a Site Audit and Compare Agency Rates
Get in touch with a couple of these different agencies and have them run some site audits. Most likely, these bigger agencies offer site audits for free (mostly because they have templates pre-made). These site audits are a great way to see where your website is lacking or performing well. Continue to speak with the agencies and figure out what their retainers cost.

Step 4: Identify Your Immediate Businesses Online Marketing Needs
Now that you have received multiple website audits and different retainer rates take a moment to identify your ideal budget for marketing. Once you have, look for the commonalities in all of the various site audits you received. Are all these digital marketing firms saying you need SEO or PPC? Good. They just narrowed it down for you. Now the real work begins.

Step 5: Identifying Affordable Online Marketing Services
As the saying goes, “seek first to understand, then be understood.” Now that you know what your businesses website needs, you can find the best solution for your money. There are a multitude of qualified freelancers offering affordable ppc services, affordable SEO services and more. Look on major freelancing websites such as Fiver or Upwork, or look for small and affordable online marketing companies that are growing (just like you).

Why? You want a business that values your time, money, and understands your situation. Moreover, small businesses need to support one another.

As far as verifying if these freelancers or affordable online marketing companies are legit, we recommend you do some research or “snooping”. Checkout their LinkedIn profile and look for their experience in their field, recommendations, certifications, past work experience and on-going or current projects.

By following these aforementioned steps, you should be able to identify not only your digital marketing needs but who can actually fulfill these needs.

Affordable Online Marketing Services

This is typically the part of the long winded blog post where we would upsell our affordable ppc services, affordable SEO services, and more. Candidly, Vade Mecum Marketing is not here to do that. We’re here to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups achieve their goals while we strive to achieve our own. Not only do we route for the underdogs, but we are one ourselves.

We do offer affordable online marketing services, but we have our own process of determining whether our clients are a good fit for US.

At Vade Mecum Marketing, we are driven by passion and aim to be surrounded by up and coming underdogs with the same passion for their businesses. For a free consultation, get in touch with Vade Mecum Marketing today.