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Vade Mecum Marketing was created and founded by Ren Costantini shortly after graduating college and traveling the world. Prior to embarking on his worldly adventures, Ren stumbled upon a book where the phrase "Vade Mecum" was written. 

Define "Vade Mecum"

While Vade mecum translates from Latin to English as "go with me" it is frequently referred to as guidebook or a book worthy of reference.

Ren has always firmly believed that our experiences, for better or worse, go with us in our journey forward. On Ren's adventure he discovered exactly what digital marketing was via retargeting ads in his YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Being the curious and adventurous person he is, he began reverse engineering how these companies were able to target him. 

“Go With Me”


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Affordable SEO Services

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Expand your reach on the worlds second largest search engine with our Youtube SEO services.

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Speak the language of your target market audience. After all, that's who we're writing for!

Content Writing Services

Hi, my name is Ren Costantini

If you've made it this far I'm fairly certain it is not because of my superior web design capabilities (everyone starts somewhere).

You've likely scrolled down this far to see the man behind the LLC called Vade Mecum.

I can't say I blame you.

There's a whole slew of qualified professionals who could help your business expand, scale, and achieve success. So why me?


I love what I do.

I work a 9-5 job at an Inc. 500 company and actually run the SEO for their subsidiary eCommerce business. And if you've read my content service page, I'm also moonlighting a novel in sincerity... seriously. All jokes aside.....

I started Vade Mecum because I wanted something different for myself. I wanted to help brands, people, and non-profits who had pure intentions. People who are trying to make a difference in the world. I've always believed we rise by lifting others and I'm a true sucker for an underdog story.

Ren Costantini


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