YouTube Marketing Services

Amongst the search engine giants, YouTube is the second largest search engine with Google being number one. Why is this important? YouTube has over 2 billion users worldwide with 79% of the internet's users having their own YouTube account.

Most marketers, digital strategists, and videographers ascertain the profound power of video. Video is one of the most, if not the most, powerful mediums to utilize in any given marketing campaign. YouTube marketing services are vital for small businesses, freelancers, and influencers in driving traffic and awareness. 


YouTube SEO Services

Vade Mecum Digital Marketing is a YouTube video marketing company that has years of YouTube SEO services and YouTube channel consultation experience.


YouTube Viral Marketing Services

We offer the following YouTube viral marketing services:

At Vade Mecum Marketing we can get your channel started for you. We specialize in channel creation and optimization! We delve deep into keyword research to identify the best channel tags and video tags for your content. During our research phase we identify your top competitors to analyze what video tags and channel tags they're using. Then, we synthesize a strategy to outrank, outshine, and outperform your competitors as well as your previous data set.

We begin by writing (or rewriting) your video titles and descriptions by incorporating target keywords, video tags, hashtags, and a call to action within the description (ex: please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE to our channel). Once the video content has been optimized, we move into the "About" section where we ensure other social platforms and your website are linked.

Additionally, we ensure our clients YouTube channel is in the correct category for success while creating playlists to keep users watching your video and increasing the Watch Time KPI (the most important KPI when ranking in YouTube).

All of your YouTube videos will be geo-tagged to link to your Google My Business and will then be re-shared via the YouTube Community section and Google My Business for increased exposure. Looking to make some extra revenue to put towards Google Ads? We will monetize your YouTube Channel to produce additional revenue to repurpose for paid advertising efforts.

At Vade Mecum Marketing, data is our super power. We analyze and monitor your analytics, respond to comments, like / "heart" and pin comments to engage with your audience. 

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Our YouTube marketing services are provided by our team of seasoned YouTube experts. Contact us to press play for engagement on the worlds second largest search engine.